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Angola Family Project - Capoeira For Kids - Term 3

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The vision of Greengold Art Inc association is to provide not-for-profit after-school services for families advancing in arts, education and mental health. We support the active lifestyle and mental health of our community members through sports and artistic activities. Our educational activities reinforce values such as mutual respect, body awareness, self-esteem, and teamwork. It is pure fun for children while exercising and developing multicultural and artistic skills.

Our program combines fitness, art and creative development through the regular practice of Capoeira Angola. Angola Capoeira has been introduced to us by "Mestre Abelha" from "Escola de Capoeira Angola Cortiço do Abelha". Capoeira Angola, a rich Afro-Brazilian art form, has shown to be an effective approach for working with kids worldwide, promoting a sense of connection with art, community, discipline, self-confidence and body awareness.

The Angola Family project is coordinated by a team of educators who work hard to provide a world-class experience to our members through amazing multicultural experiences. The objective of this project is to provide quality time for families enabling children to interact with each other, and fostering communication skills in a creative, fun and stimulating environment. 

Our program combines dance and music games that aim to support children's development giving a notion of a healthy routine that includes physical exercise and artistic practices. We believe that those practices can assist youth in dealing with multiple challenges modern society presents. 


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Angola Family Project - Fine motor coordination

Angola Family Project - Capoeira For Kids

Angola Family Project - Results from Term 1

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My son loved participating in the Angola Family classes. I enjoyed my son experiencing the fun exercise and body movements, the group dynamics, cultural incorporation and seeing the attentive connection between the children and instructors. I am sure new participants will enjoy the new classes held at Kingscliff Community Hall.

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Sarah Neal

I can’t recommend enough the Angola Family project with Greengold Art Inc. Both of my kids count down every week for another moment with the instructors to develop their moves and have so much fun. Beside the undoubted physical benefits with whole body movements, capoeira has many other advantages like the connection with ancestral music, rhythm and non-violent self-defence knowledge. I really appreciate teacher’s effort to guide the kids into Capoeira Angola philosophy, empowering them in a physical, cultural and spiritual way.

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Carol Carboni

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